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Matt Garman is an adventurer, author, keynote speaker and business owner. Just back from leading a 3-person team rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, he is straight into speaking at events often combined with interactive workshops. He works with and is:

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Matt is sought after as a business mentor, with a speciality in enabling growth. His motivational style easily translates from a one-on-one setting to a large audience, and this practical and inspirational mix resonates with business leaders wanting to transform their businesses and invigorate their staff.

As a teenager he was expected to follow the path of his academic family, but his need for adventure led to him leaving school at 16 and going to work on a fishing trawler in the English Channel. This early taste of pitting mind and body against the elements, clear vision of what was needed to keep his place on the boat, combined with the on-the-job training and adherence to process for safety and success, resulted in a lot more than how to catch and gut fish.

Leaving the water behind, swimming the channel and rowing the Atlantic were still years away, he rapidly reinvented himself, utilising everything he’d learned on the tough years on the trawler.

Soaking up everything he learned with new challenging positions, he redefined what he knew and innovated new ways to achieve business growth. Within ten years he had bought and sold two tech businesses and was garnering a reputation as a thought leader for consistent and sustainable process leading to business growth success. His innovative sales enablement platform has shown how a playbook is a key element in developing consistent results.

A playbook tells the story of how to achieve success, and a well-developed playbook, tailored to a company’s unique way of doing business, provides a consistent guide to the process, values and behaviour that will ensure sustainable success.

Matt’s Keynote addresses, interactive workshops and mentoring are illustrated with adventure stories and what he has learned about himself, leadership, limits of endurance and how to combat burnout, the value of teamwork, setting achievable goals and how to avoid repeating the same mistakes by facing them head on, analysing, understanding and devising strategies to combat them.

Growing his reputation as a speaker, he is a popular guest on podcasts, radio and has also appeared on BBC and ITV.

Leading by example.
Leaving No-One Behind.

Matt Garman

Matt, everyone at Wolo HQ is truly humbled by the efforts of you and your team in rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. We cannot put into words how grateful we are for your endeavours. The money you guys raised is going to make a massive, massive difference to so many of the families we support across Sussex
We know how much losing your Father to Prostate Cancer must have hurt, but thank you so much for your support and massive fundraising efforts to raise awareness to the disease. Everyone at PCUK is blown away by your efforts and bravery in facing such challenges – truly inspirational