Learning the Ropes by Matt Garman

 It’s an exciting, humbling event producing a book.  This is what’s inside:

Learning the Ropes addresses the challenges faced by business leaders, MDs, CEOs and Sales Directors, showing how to create sustainability and consistency in your sales department.

I started my working life on a trawler in the English Channel. I learnt a lot about life during this time and I knew even at that early stage that it wouldn’t be my long-term future. After witnessing the burial at sea of one of the guys on another boat, I decided it was time to move on. A chance move into sales gave me exactly what I was looking for, and unlocked my natural ability and a desire to learn, absorb and succeed.

In the book, I show how I started to evolve my methodology, by introducing each of the sections with a personal story. I hope you find these spot on, clearly illustrating why and how each section is relevant and vital to a successful, high performing sales department. Oh and I hope some of them make you laugh.

Sales is about systems and process. By providing a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the sales process, I’ve outlined how to undertake a detailed review of it. Your analysis will allow you to understand where the challenges are in your business. Once identified, there are handy tools and practical advice that will get your sales performance functioning at peak level and able to meet your aspirations.

One of my aims of the book, is to free you from the reliance on one or two star performers, and get rid of the threat of a high turnover of sales staff that can damage your bottom line. This can be accomplished by a clear understanding of the systems and processes every high performing sales team has in place, and how they provide a solid foundation for achievable, measurable, consistent results regardless of changes in personnel.

There are thousands of different challenges that can pop up in your business and take you by surprise.  There are up years when everything goes well, when your company is thriving and your staff are happy and productive, then for no apparent reason, you can plunge into a down year when things miss the mark, and suddenly there are problems everywhere.  Continuing analysis of your operation, and consistency in your sales process, will help protect you from this roller coaster by levelling out the highs and lows, to set your company on a smooth incline of steady, sustainable growth and profit.

If you have the appetite for giving your business a thorough service, you’ll find out what’s not working and with a little adjustment where it needs it, you’ll be able to get back to where you want to be. Sales really isn’t rocket science, but there is a science to sales.  It most definitely isn’t magic, although it can seem like magic if something works, but you don’t know why it works.

Learning the Ropes gives you all the information you need, all the tips and tools, plus more than 25 years of experience distilled into a logical, practical, proven methodology that will take your business where you want it to be. It shows you what to look for, where to look for it and how to fix it.

As for magic? If you know what you do, know how you do it and know who does it, then document it, teach it to all your team and you will be able to repeat, repeat, repeat your way to the bank. That’s the magic.

A funny thing happened…

On 1st March 2018, World Book Day, someone I didn’t know sent me an email saying that the book that changes your life is the one you write yourself. It went on to say, everyone has a book or even two, in them. I’m paraphrasing (a lot!) but it resonated with me. I don’t know if it’s true or not for everyone, but I certainly feel different now my first book has been published.

Holding my own book, reading in print bits of my life, my experiences, what I know and seeing my photo on the cover makes me feel real, more substantial.