Talks for Sales Leaders and Business Leaders

Whether you approach your sales team with enthusiasm, view it with disdain or simply don’t really think about it much at all, there is a thin line between success and failure.  The line is often drawn between what you think of your sales department and what you do with them,

In my keynotes sessions I like to take the audience on a journey. We start with their expectation that the sales team just need to get on and deliver and work through the steps of my how this is unrealistic and showing them that far from being ‘nothing much at all’ good sales techniques are exciting, exact, learnable, repeatable and produce consistent results.

I use my experience and what I’ve learnt about business, I talk about collaboration and the importance of working as a team.

My goal is to inspire a different approach to sales and sales teams.  Elevate them from the necessary evil of business to the engine room of success.

I share my methodology and the tools, techniques and strategies that will help businesses overcome their sales challenges and pave the way for their renewed strategic business vision.

Keynote Overview: ‘Stop Looking for Super Heroes’ (30 minutes)

I’ve learned through observation and my own experiences that many business leaders go looking for that magical ‘Super Hero’ sales hire to improve sales performance.

What actions can be taken by business owners to overcome the frustrations of a sales department with a reputation for high staff turnover? I highlight some of the common personnel pitfalls that many business owners experience and explore what logical steps can be put in place to prevent such events from happening again. Expanding on the concept of planning for more sustainable sales performance, I provide insight on how to develop your own sales system and free yourself from the cyclical ‘hire and fire’ sales mentality.

Workshop Overview: ‘Maximising the Health of Your Sales Department’ (3 hours)

Over the last couple of years I’ve been running workshops for my clients’ clients aimed at CEOs and MDs. During the workshop I lead delegates through the process that will enable them to assess and develop a sustainable, scalable sales department.

Business owners often look for a silver bullet when it comes to improving their sales performance. Some think that selling is easy, while others grow uncomfortable at the mere mention of the word. This is an interactive half day workshop, in which I share my experience of over 25 years, including having to increase sales within my own companies. The workshop aims to eliminate most of the mystery in the sales process by showing how structure and consistency will allow delegates to understand and evaluate the overall health and resilience of their sales teams.

I lead them through my methodology that focuses on four key pillars, critical for the success of any sales team. The four Pillars:

Vision – that everyone in the company understands, buys into and is able to articulate

People – attracting the right people, developing and inspiring them to perform

Process – building a repeatable structure for consistency to generate scale

Management – introducing best practice techniques to measure and motivate staff

Delegates complete a Sales Health Check that will highlight their biggest areas of opportunity to improve their sales performance. At the end of the session, I make sure all delegates have a clear roadmap and the tools to help them develop a repeatable, scalable and consistent sales performance